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A Cat Eye Solo Exhibition

“OPEN WINDOW KISSES” is a a celebration of women and the power of their femininity. It is a “Rinascita”, or rebirth, of the modern human. 


Contrasting against the earthier color palettes and darker chiaroscuros of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, I chose to bring in ultra-bright, saturated colors, and intense light for these paintings. I invite you to indulge in the journey of a woman who lives in technicolor, a woman kissed by light. History does not speak for her. 


Through this Open Window, you enter two eras of time at once: The antiquity of the Renaissance and the rainbow-ed prospect of the future. The Open Window is neither entrance nor exit, but a soft barrier, and yet a portal between these subjects and the outside world. 

Seeing through the window you obtain a unique voyeuristic peek into a moment of their lives and experience all actions completely unabashed. 


While most of the subjects are solo, I encourage you to explore how they might interact together in the space you have created for them. Speak to them and let them speak to you.

You may even get an invitation if you are lucky. 

House Plant.jpg

House Plant

32" x 46", oil on canvas


38" x 28", oil on canvas



24" x 36", oil on canvas

Night And Day

36" x 60", oil on canvas 


At The Foot of you

12" x 12", oil on wood



11"' x 14", oil on wood


Moon Dance.jpg

Moonlight Dance

10" x 10", oil on canvas


11" x 14", oil on canvas

Night and Day.JPG
Self Portrait.jpg
Always A Woman.jpg

Always A Woman 

36" x 48", oil on canvas

Repose In Ochre Yellow

20" x 10", oil on canvas




24" x 24", oil on canvas

The Lump

36" x 36", oil on canvas


Repose in Ochre.jpg
The Lump.jpg
Always This Way (A Tribute).jpg

Always This Way (A Tribute)

30" x 40", oil on canvas


On view at Cat Eye Creative Dec. 16th - Jan. 14th
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