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by dkGallery

One of our most popular shows of the year is back — February marks the tenth annualRomance of the Nude & Figure show. Notable new artist Erin Henry will present a new body of work in this show. Her provocative work continues to intrigue and seduce viewers into an unconventional world of chaotic energy and shifted subjects. At only 22, Erin is also an intriguing subject, and we spent a little time talking to her to learn more about this amazingly accomplished young artist.

dk: “Art Prodigy” is a description that I have heard used when talking about you. Have you heard this? What does that mean to you when you hear it. 

Erin: *Nervous laugh* It makes me a little uncomfortable when I hear it. I’m not exactly sure what it means. I am confident in my talent. But maybe what people see is my passion?


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